Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch? I do and it’s The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie. I came across the Christmas Vacation moose mug the other day and quickly bought it for my cousin for a prank gift this year. We watched it together every year when we were kids.

Christmas Party Paper Plates

Christmas party paper plates

I made a rule this year that all events, I will not spend the day cleaning up and washing dishes. My solution buying paper plates for all events that I host. Now I just need to find some really nice Christmas Party Paper Plates this year. I found some really nice ones at my favorite online store. The patterns are amazing I think, and so festive. I’m sure everyone will enjoy eating off some of these I have picked out.

Black and Gold Christmas Decorations

Black and gold Christmas Decorations

There is nothing more stunning that a room full of black and gold Christmas decorations. It gives a room a sophisticated polished look. I decided this year that I would like to incorporate more of that in my home this year.

Learn How To Tie The Perfect Christmas Bow

Learn How To Tie the Perfect Christmas Bow

Everyone wants to open the perfect christmas present, I know I do! I think the bow is the most important thing to a package. But if your like me your bow making skills aren’t that great. I want to learn how to tie the perfect Christmas bow this year, so all my packages look awesome.