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Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas

Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas

I ran across some amazing kitchen decorating ideas this week. I noticed they all had the same theme. Lemon’s! So now I’m on the lookout for more Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas and I’m going to share what I found with…

Harry Potter Bathroom Accessories

Harry Potter Bathroom Accessories (1)

Are you a Potter fan? I am and so is my son! Not only did we buy all the books as they came out but he’s been to many of the conferences and he just bought a ticket to next…

Car Bed With Lights

Car bed with lights

They now make a car bed with lights! My boys would have loved this! Talk about making it easy to put them to bed at night! That was a nightmare…

Clothes Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Clothes Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

CLOTHES STORAGE IDEAS FOR SMALL SPACES We all have so many clothes these days, the thing is when you have a small home it’s kinda hard to find anywhere to store them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can get…

Ice Cream Pint Cozy

Ice Cream Pint Cosy

Frozen snacks! But the heat melts them in a skinny minute. I need to get something that will help keep my snack from melting. I’m looking for an Ice Cream Pint Cozy for my snacks this summer.