Hanging Jewelry Organizer with Mirror

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Hanging Jewelry Organizer with Mirror

I saw this on pinterest the other day a cute hanging jewelry organizer with mirror for my bedroom.

My stuff is all over the place! I have necklaces hanging in the bathroom on the cabinet door. They've been there for years, I only wear one of them. Sad but true.
I have some of my best rings in a cup by the sink, earrings in boxes shoved by my bed, in the bathroom downstairs, and in the master bathroom.

It's totally OUT. OF. CONTROL!

I decided to do something about it this year, the year of cleaning up my house and organizing my accessories is a great place to start.

This would be perfect for someone that's short on floor space because it can be hung on the wall or on the door then the person could organize their accessories and not have their stuff strung all over the house like me. ;-)

I just love that it hangs on the wall or I could hang it on my closet door, plus it has a mirror too! Sweet! So you can see just how awesome you look each day! It's perfect for me because I live in a small house with not much floor space in my bedroom, but I have the perfect wall to hang this gorgeous thing on.

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