DIY Wood Pallets Easy Projects For Your Home Decor

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I’ve been dreaming about making Wood Pallets Projects for down at the cabin. We’ve found a place to get some cheap Pallets, now I just have to decide what I want to make with them! Too many ideas to choose from.

This book has some great ideas.

These are just a tiny few that I found on Pinterest that I really like.

DIY Pallet swing bed

Easy DIY Wood Pallet Bed

This is what I’ve been dreaming about for the cabin, a dream bed hanging from a tree. It looks pretty easy to make and I can just see me laying there with reading my kindle all day.


wood-pallet bench

I love this to put next to the fire pit, what a comfy place to set at night and enjoy the outdoors! I can see us making more than one of these.

DIY Pallet Desk

DIY Easy Fold up Desk

What a cool idea! This would be perfect in our cabin and I love how the table folds up to save room. This looks super easy too which I love! I would add some LED strip lights to the top edge to make it extra cool decor piece and Desk all in one.


DIY pallet mug holder

Easy DIY Wood Pallet Mug Holder

I like the idea of this piece as a cool place to hold coffee cups in the cabin, saving valuable counter space and makes a neat display for some of my collection of coffee cups that I have stored around the house.


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