Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

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Christmas Vacation Moose Mug

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch each year? I do and it's The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Movie. I came across the Christmas Vacation moose mug the other day and quickly bought it for my cousin for a prank gift this year. We always watched it together when we were kids.

I love the scene where Clark and cousin Eddie are drinking eggnog out of them around while standing around the tree with Eddie's dog Snot is drinking from the tree stand. They look so funny drinking out of those cups. I liked the green one, so I picked that one to give to my cousin.

I just crack up watching the Griswold family in the movie and anyone who loves it as much as I do will love getting one too.

I love that it looks just like the one in the movie and you can get it in a color rather than the clear one.

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