Angel Holding Baby Figure

The one thing someone gave me that I will always cherish was an Angel holding baby figure, that one of my customers gave me. I adore it and keep it on my bookshelf with a picture of my Son beside it.

American Flag Pillow Case

Guess what I found while I was searching online? I’ll give you some clues. It’s patriotic, it’s red, white and blue as well. Give up? It’s an American Flag Pillow Case, it matches his decor and it will be the perfect gift for him for his birthday, he will love it!

Alarm Clock With Different Sounds

A crazy cool alarm clock with different sounds for your bedroom, will help you’re day get started on the right side of the bed. You have no idea how Awesome these things are! Some light up like the sun coming up gradually getting brighter and brighter, just like the sun is coming up.