Two Handed Oven Mitt

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Two Handed Oven Mitt

We ate dinner at our friends house and she had the cutest assortment of oven mitts all of them clean and unstained. You should see mine! No take that back, I would never show you mine, they're awful, stained, ragged, full of holes, it's shameful how terrible they have become. I'm going to remedy that real quick with just a few key strokes at my favorite place to shop in the whole world! You know where that is! I'm looking for the two handed oven mitt kind. You can pull out a casserole from the hot oven and not burn your hands.

Wow! These are amazing and super cute! It will be hard to pick just one for sure. I love the different patterns available and the one I picked has a tea towel included. My kitchen towels look just as bad as my oven mitts. How did they get so crappy looking?

I love that this one you can use with both hands at the same time, no more digging around in the drawer to find two. This one can be hung on my cabinet drawer on on the wall for that matter for easy access. I love the blue pattern on this one. This would make a super cute housewarming gift for someone.

I love that it will protect me all the way up to my elbow. I love the paisley design it will match any modern home perfectly. The reviews are great too, everyone loves this set. Can't wait to get mine!

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