Silicone Gloves For Cooking

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Silicone Gloves For Cooking

It just doesn't seem right! To use plastic gloves to cook in, it just seems wrong, like they will melt.

Nope, they won't melt.

It's totally amazing some of the things they come up with these days. A friend of mine was using this pair the other night at Bunco, I was intrigued by them, I just didn't understand how she could use a pair of silicone gloves for cooking and not have them melt all over her hands. But they didn't.

This set comes with some extra BBQ claws for picking up meat off the grill and some sauce brushes. Comes in a bright orange color, they say they run a little small for men, but fit women's hands just fine. So if your getting these for a guy, look for a different pair. Other wise your good to go.

This set would be a great house warming gift. I'm buying it for a bunco gift. I think this will be great for a wedding gift as well.

I really like that they can handle heat up to 500 degrees and that they come with extra accessories, the price it right and I'm ordering me a pair now for this summer.

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