Halloween Inflatable Haunted House

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Halloween Inflatable Haunted House

My dad was looking for another decoration for his yard and asked me to look for a Halloween Inflatable Haunted House. He loves decorating his yard for the kids each year. He lives in a subdivision and always really goes all out for the little ones. My kids have great memories of going to Grandpa's and looking at his yard each year. This year he's changing up things a little and going with a new inflatable.

Of course I took out my phone and started looking at my favorite online store and guess what? I found one! And if you have a gift card you can load that up and get ten bucks off! Sweet!

I really like that It lights up, which is cool. It is big enough to stand inside of even adults. Some people that bought it said her husband that is 5' 10" could stand it just fine. The kids love going inside and scaring the other kids. Inflated Size Measures: 83" x 83" x 106" (Length x width x height). It's Easy to set up and take down, it self inflates easily. Everything is included fan, ground stakes and tethers to keep it from blowing to the neighbors yard.

This would be perfect for my dad and I know all the kids on the block will love going trick or treating at his house and that they are able to go inside is really cool. Maybe they could go in for a special treat for their bags.

What I like best about this is that it's so cool looking and has a lot going on with the lamp posts that light up and the ghost and tombstones. I think this is a winner. Some people had trouble but most of the reviews are positive and they really love it. I would recommend buying the metal posts that you get for tents, they are so much easier to put in the ground than those plastic ones and are much stronger.

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