Mowing the Front Field -Find Out What Has Lived There this Year -Life in the Country!

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Hubs is mowing our front field that’s in front of our house last night. We waited until the fall

Mowing the fieldto mow it this year for a couple of reasons. One we had a moma deer raise twins this year, she raised them in the woods and in that field.

One day just when my little apple tree you see at the left of the picture was full of ripe apples. Moma brought

her little ones up to eat every last one of them. Lol! It was pretty cute to watch.


We also had a family of turkeys that was raised in the woods, we happened upon her nest this past spring, so we

stayed out of that part of the woods for the summer. One day we thought about gathering up all the wild blackberries

that we let grow up on the edge of our grass that we keep mowed. I was just going to get a bowl from the kitchen,

when hubs yells to me to forget it. The family of turkeys decided to have a field trip to the berry bush that very morning.

Oh well!


Living in the country is so much fun! I love being outside and hearing all the creatures that live around us.



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